15 U.S. Lawmakers Ask Haiti Senate to Make Way for Mock Elections
By Ezili Dantò
Global Research, September 24, 2014
Ezili Dantò 17 September 2014
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USA, STOP supporting: Drug-dealers, Kidnappers, Robbers, Bribers Against Haitian People!!! Photo credit: Nouvelliste

Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) Open Letter Regarding the Sept 15th U.S. Congressional letter addressed to the Haiti Senate urging it to Clear the Path for Another Round of Mock Elections in Haiti


Dear Madam/Sirs

Haiti is under US occupation behind UN proxy guns and the charity industry (NGO) shadow government.

There is no democracy for the people of Haiti. Haiti has no friends in the United States congress. If it did, these Congressional delegates would be writing to John Kerry to ask the Obama Administration to support human rights for the UN cholera victims and to put an end to the play acting of democracy that has been going on, with fictitious elections, ever since the United States started its direct occupation of Haiti by disenfranchising 10 million Haiti voters on February 29, 2004.

Where was the cry for respect for elections when the US Special Forces kidnapped former President Aristide out of Haiti? Where were these “friends” when Colin Powell, Condi Rice and Kofi Annan covered up the US, France, Canada military invasion with an illegal Chapter 7, UN interim multinational force and then with MINUSTAH? Elections in Haiti have been a sham since 2004, with the largest, most powerful political party in Haiti – Fanmi Lavalas – forbidden to participate. Where has the voices of these “friends” been?

Here’s what Ezili’s HLLN suggest Haiti Senators do with this Sept. 15th Congressional letter from the United States “friends of Haiti.” Have a press conference and in plain sight of cameras, do what Desalin did to the tri-colored French flag. Tear it up.

The people of Haiti do not want sham elections that will help pave the way for the ratification of Bill Clintons’ FDR-type amendments to the Haiti Constitution to easier allow for the plunder and privatization of Haiti ports, lands, national resources and offshore islands.

The people of Haiti are LOUDLY and most democratically asking for an END to the US occupation of Haiti behind UN guns. And END to the puppet Martelly-Lamothe government and the NGO invasion. They demand a STOP to the plunder of Haiti offshore islands and national resources; release of the political prisoners including Enol Florestal, Sister Dona Belizaire and Jean Lamy Maltunes and that the Clinton-Korean sweatshop workers are duly paid all the meager wages they’ve earned, not just a third of it. The people of Haiti ask for the UN soldiers, aid workers and missionaries to STOP raping and abusing Haiti children and women. For the US government to stop trying to persecute former president Jean Bertrand Aristide. And finally, we demand, most precisely and urgently that the NGOs and USAID go home.

Haiti doesn’t need this US play acting of liberty that’s called “elections,” which, in reality, legitimizes silencing the masses. Martelly-Lamothe represent dictatorship, not democracy. The Haitian people are fully aware of this despite the foreign propaganda.

Haiti needs human rights as defined in national and international laws. This means the right to life, to an adequate standard of living; to safe, not Monsanto or Arkansas food. To fair, not unfair trade or a plantation economy (Neoliberal economics).

Free Haiti demands the right to live in Haiti without the UN, the international institutions, the aid workers or the missionaries’ cultural, political or economic interference; their various tortures, rapes, eugenics medicines or any of their cruel, inhuman or degrading containment-in-poverty death and destruction programs.

Ezili Dantò, of HLLN/FreeHaitiMovement
September 17, 2014

(See the Congressional letter addressed to the Haiti Senate and Miami Herald article: U.S. lawmakers to Haiti Senate: Vote for election law.)

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