Ten Years of Planetary Movement for Mother Earth!

Direct and structural violence against life itself, against Mother Earth and against human beings!

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Within 10 years we have reached a point at which we can say: We have done our best to get Rosalie Bertell´s knowledge distributed in the world. In addition, we have contributed to this with our Information-Letters in different languages, public speeches, and the spreading of a lot of additional information on current debates and facts (www.pbme-online.org).

Why do people not want to know about the violence that is committed against Mother Earth?

Is it a taboo to reveal a secret?

One thing, however, has never been understood properly: Dr. Bertell´s knowledge has, so far, not become the issue of an open public debate. Not only the powers that be, but also the social movements of today have not allowed this to happen. Very often, people reject this knowledge right away, because it is shocking to them. A first reaction typically consists of fleeing from it instead of trying to learn and doing something about it. Most of them simply deny the possibility that something like „military geoengineering“ may even exist. In an effort to avoid confronting these facts they grasp the term prepared from above for the purpose of doing away with this sort of “evil knowledge“ and call it a ”conspiracy theory”!

So, even Rosalie Bertell who was a person beyond any possible suspicion of working at the levels of conspiracy theories, has been interpreted as such. Obviously, this could not be further from the truth, but it serves the interests of those who possibly don´t want the truth to be known.

The truth to be known are the facts about the system we live in, which in itself is based on different forms of direct and structural violence against life itself, against nature and against human beings! This truth is a secret and thus it has become a taboo to speak about these facts. Whenever this taboo is violated, we have observed, there is always a prompt reaction to stop any further discussion of it.

I have come to the conclusion that the truth about the system we live in, if we want it or not, is so horrible that nearly everyone tries to avoid seeing it, because otherwise:

  • s/he would feel either very uncomfortable, and even guilty, or
  • would feel ridiculous by turning out powerless in spite of feeling rather powerful, instead, and/or
  • s/he would suddenly feel deprived of a generally assumed protection of life from above or elsewhere, causing fear, and/or
  • s/he would have to bury his or her assumptions about the validity of the general ”values“ the system preaches, e.g. rights and justice, freedom and democracy, or peace and happiness, and/or
  • s/he, taking the ”evil knowledge“ seriously, would have to stand up immediately in order to stop the violence the system is committing against life, nature and humanity. This, however, is felt as a too heavy burden to take over…

In the meantime we know where this violence of our ”system“, our modern civilization, is based on. It is rooted in the system of ”patriarchy“, as I call it.

The intention of patriarchy is to change all of life, nature and humanity, in fact the entire society into a ”man-made“, artificial one, i.e. not allowing life to exist any longer in its organic ways on this Planet earth, and in natural and motherly ways. The man-made world is by definition a pater-arché one, a ”creation“ of so-called fathers instead of mothers and Mother Nature. In order to reach this patri-archal utopia, which, by the way, is several thousands of years old, in its course much violence has already been applied, indeed. This violence has turned into a trauma, and at the same time, it is considered forbidden knowledge and is suppressed. It has been hidden on all levels and cannot possibly be addressed openly! As long as this patriarchal civilization has not succeeded in transforming life, nature, humans, the whole world – and the Planet itself – into a completely man-made, patri-archal world, violence will continuously be applied as a necessary means of achieving its dangerous goals. It is for these reasons that people are not allowed to recognize the direct and structural violence inherent in the system!

This mental paradox is the secret of patriarchy. Because, the patriarchal narrative tells us there is no violence, the transformation-process from the natural to the artificial is one to the better and higher. Today it is called progress!

The taboo consists of revealing the violence applied in its course to an allegedly better and higher world, so that this world may not appear anymore as the better and higher one, given the price of destruction paid for it.

The secret to be revealed tells us that violence does not lead to better and higher worlds at all, but to what it produces – namely destruction! Destruction is the overall outcome of this ”alchemical“ – as I call it – transformation process by violence. This is its logic, and nobody is allowed to see it and to name it. Reflecting about the patriarchal violence against nature, the earth, life and the people, seeing it and speaking about it, not to mention acting against it – these are the heaviest taboos in this patriarchal system. This is the ”evil“ knowledge, the forbidden one, the forgotten one, the knowledge driven into the underground and thus made subconscious! I call it the ”collective subconscious“. As we all have experienced patriarchal violence, we recognize at once, perhaps unconsciously, when it comes to its revelation! We are panicking with it, because then danger is near and has to be averted. We have to protect ourselves against the danger of meddling with patriarchal systemic violence which would destroy us! Everyone seems to know it, because nearly everybody reacts the same way, when it happens!

It is clear now how difficult it is to acknowledge what Rosalie Bertell is teaching us. She teaches us that in the meantime patriarchy, in the form of the military and the MIC, has started to destroy our very living conditions and the Planet itself! So, we are literally forced to do something against it if we want to continue living on this earth! This means that we have to address patriarchy and its systemic, direct and structural violence, running the risk of becoming the ones who break the taboo, revealing and naming the secret!

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This article was originally published on PBME.

Prof. Claudia Von Werlhof, is a distinguished author, professor of political science and women’s studies, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria. She is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

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