Stop the War Against Iran Before It Starts!

Every day new stories in the media add to an increasingly horrifying trend preparing world opinion for a military onslaught against Iran. The propaganda war against Iran ”based on blatant untruths, half-truths, double standards and distortions” acts as a basis to confuse the public and intimidate potential voices of opposition against a new war in the Middle East. In the absence of strong opposition to their threats against Iran, the governments of the US and Israel speak openly of military strikes, and the Pentagon is even reported to be considering the pre-emptive use of tactical nuclear weapons against Iran. (see links & Articles).

The increasing belligerence of the governments of the US and Israel is based on the central charge that Iran is developing a covert nuclear weapons program. This is despite the fact that in the past two years, Iran has allowed intrusive inspections and safeguards beyond what is required by compliance with the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Numerous snap inspections have failed to provide any shred of evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Yet, in the meeting of the Governing Board of the International Atomic Energy (IAEA) on 24th September 2005, under massive US government pressure, Iran was condemned by a majority vote for non-compliance with NPT. The US government is now determined to bring its European allies on board for referral of Iran to the UN Security Council for imposition of sanctions, which as in the case of Iraq, can be the prelude to a military strike by the governments of US or Israel against Iran.

The double standards being applied in the present situation could not be more appalling. As a signatory to the NPT, the US government has itself consistently failed to abide by its commitments for nuclear disarmament and has in fact developed new generations of nuclear weapons, refusing NPT inspections. In the Iraq war, the US government ”the only state which has already used the nuclear bomb” has employed depleted uranium, cluster bombs and white phosphorous against civilians, all in violation of international law. For its part, the government of Israel has refused to sign the NPT and, with the support of the US and European governments, has covertly developed a nuclear weapons program producing hundreds of nuclear warheads. The government of Israel has also consistently refused to allow IAEA inspections of its nuclear plants.

- Oppose Iran’s referral to the UN Security Council!
- Oppose any attack on Iran and Syria!
- Oppose a new war in the Middle East!

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