QUEEN ELIZABETH II: British Monarch Celebrates Coronation Jubilee with Gulf Despots and Dictators

The objective of Her Majesty’s government with the support of Britain’s tabloids is to demonize British Muslims and justify a Middle East military agenda. It also purports to creating an atmosphere of generalized fear and intimidation throughout the UK.

Scottish independence

As if Prime Minister David Cameron hasn’t got enough problems, the promised referendum allowing Scotland to vote on whether people want independence from the UK looms ever closer, and some polls show that the gap between the Yes and No camps is closing.


There is growing concern that the negotiations could result in the opening of the floodgates for GMOs and shale gas (fracking) in Europe, the threatening of digital and labour rights and the empowering of corporations to legally challenge a wide range of regulations which they dislike.

François Hollande pacte

The French media admits that rebels fighting the Syrian government are linked to Al Qaida. The admission comes after 2 years of disinformation that has attempted to convince the French public that “democratic revolutionaries” are fighting a war against a dictator, who is ‘’ killing his own people’’.

The world cannot afford more victims of war
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We are all GAZANS
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