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Qatar Ready for Military Intervention against Syria, on Behalf of Pentagon. Reckless Policy Fraught with Dire Implications By Andrei Akulov, October 27, 2015
Ukraine: Relations between Russia and the US are at their Lowest Ebb since the Cold War By Andrei Akulov, March 10, 2015
The European Gendarmerie Force: The Prospect of Mass Civil Unrest in Europe By Andrei Akulov, June 30, 2014
Obama and Putin
US House Speaker John Boehner Demands that Obama go after Putin By Andrei Akulov, January 29, 2014
Sweden: New Member of NATO? By Andrei Akulov, December 24, 2013
The Deployment of Russia’s Iskander Tactical Missiles in Response to US-NATO Threats By Andrei Akulov, December 24, 2013
drone club
Military “Drone Club”: Europe to Boost its Defence Potential By Andrei Akulov, December 01, 2013
obama africa
Asia Pivot Declared, US Army Eyes Africa By Andrei Akulov, November 21, 2013
US Announces “Significant Changes” for Military Policy By Andrei Akulov, November 15, 2013
CIA Activities in Syria: US Never Stops to Step on Same Rake By Andrei Akulov, October 07, 2013
More than 50% of US Government Spending Goes to the Military
US Boosts Foreign Military Aid to Promote Global Clout By Andrei Akulov, April 15, 2013
Another Middle East War is Round the Corner. Israel Threatens Lebanon and Syria By Andrei Akulov, April 04, 2013
Les missionnaires de l’Africom
Confronting China: US Boosts Military Presence in Africa By Andrei Akulov, March 28, 2013
America’s New “Defense Concept” By Andrei Akulov, October 28, 2012
America's High Tech Global War Machine: U.S. Military Strategy – Is It Really New?
America’s High Tech Global War Machine: U.S. Military Strategy – Is It Really New? By Andrei Akulov, January 20, 2012