The sudden dramatic collapse in the price of oil appears to be an act of geopolitical warfare against Russia. The result could be trillions of dollars in oil derivative losses; and the FDIC could be liable, following repeal of key portions of the Dodd-Frank Act last weekend.

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These military initiatives are led in coordination with media propaganda & a program of “economic terrorism” consisting of disruptive economic sanctions, the freeze of monetary & trade transactions, the fraudulent manipulation of the oil & currency markets, etc.

radiation fukushima

Nuclear radiation resulting from the March 2011 Fukushima disaster –which threatens life on planet earth– is not front page news in comparison to the most insignificant issues of public concern, including the local level crime scene or the tabloid gossip reports on Hollywood celebrities.


The US elite was actually in favor of fascism, a very convenient tool to crush the Soviet Union. The lies we’ve been fed about the Second World War, fascism and democracy, need to be upheld to satisfy never ending war propaganda. .

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