Chinese vs. US currency

China is in the process of displacing the monopoly of the US dollar. They are dropping US Treasury bonds, stockpiling gold reserves, and opening regional distribution banks for their own national currency.


The Azov battalion supported by its Western partners is not only involved in para-military operations in Donbass, it is also running a Summer Camp military training project for young children.


Below is a timeline ranging from 1992-2015 with related articles to the war in Syria, ISIS and geopolitical events that tie them all together.


Since the end of World War II the CIA has been a major force in US and foreign news media, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis.

The Unspoken Truth on 9/11, The Fracturing of the Middle East, US-China Relations By Global Research News, September 04, 2015
Syria’s Counter-Attack against the Terrorists. “ISIS Fighters Move Close to Damascus.” By South Front, September 04, 2015
Cameron now Climbs into Bed with War Criminal Netanyahu By Anthony Bellchambers, September 04, 2015
Opinion: “Why Every American Should Vote for Bernie Sanders” By Eric Zuesse, September 04, 2015
VIDEO: The Unspoken Truth on 9/11: “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” By David Ray Griffin, September 04, 2015
Die 9/11 Konsensdiskussion: Der “Primäre Gegenbeweis ” zeigt Fehler im offiziellen Bericht zu 9/11 auf
9/11 Truth and the Sound of Silence in Academia: “Critical Perspectives on 9/11 are Systematically Excluded from Universities.” By Adnan Zuberi and Lars Schall, September 04, 2015
German Soldiers to Train in Israel By Middle East Monitor, September 04, 2015
Haiti’s Earthquake Victims in Peril
Haiti and the Profoundly Silent Chelsea Clinton By Ezili Dantò, September 04, 2015
Global Warfare: US Elites mulling how to 'Take China Down'
Western Leaders Snub China’s World War II Victory Day Commemoration By Stephen Lendman, September 04, 2015
Jeremy Corbyn’s “Quantitative Easing for People”: The UK Labour Frontrunner’s Controversial Proposal By Ellen Brown, September 04, 2015
Has China ALREADY Surpassed the U.S. as the World’s Largest Economy?
Asia: Choosing Between East and West By Tony Cartalucci, September 04, 2015
Confronting both China and Russia: U.S. Risks Military Clash With China In Yellow Sea
US-China Relations: America Has Now Retrospectively Joined the “Fascist Side” in World War II By Eric Zuesse, September 04, 2015
australian flag
Australia: Tony Abbott’s “Nazi” Problem By Binoy Kampmark, September 04, 2015
Netanyahu (1)
Netanyahu is a War Criminal: Sign the Petition to the British Parliament. “Netanyahu to be Arrested when he arrives in London” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 04, 2015
Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”
Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East” By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, September 04, 2015
Al Qaeda: The Database.
Al Qaeda: The Database By Pierre-Henri Bunel, September 04, 2015
Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know By Global Research News, September 03, 2015
predator drone
Washington Launches New Drone Assassination Program in Syria By Bill Van Auken, September 03, 2015
Syrian refugees
Thousands of Refugees Held at Budapest Train Station By Markus Salzmann, September 03, 2015
“Peace Maker” and War Criminal Tony Blair: Gaza and All That Offshore Gas By David Hearst, September 03, 2015
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
US Health Professionals Call for Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Infrastructure to Protect Public Health By Margaret Flowers, September 03, 2015
Dollar As World’s Reserve Currency Threatened By Stephen Lendman, September 03, 2015
Flibanserin (Addyi), the Alleged “Libido Pill For Women” By Dr. Gary G. Kohls, September 03, 2015
ISIS is America’s New Terror Brand: Endless Propaganda Fuels “War on Terror” By Prof. James F. Tracy, September 03, 2015
The Insidious Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence By Prof. Tim Anderson, September 03, 2015
Britain Must not do “Business with War Criminals”: 96,000 Demand H.M. Government to Rescind Invitation to Netanyahu By Anthony Bellchambers, September 03, 2015
“Cablegate”: Hillary Clinton’s Email Problem. “Classified Info on Her Secret Server” By Binoy Kampmark, September 03, 2015
israeli sub
“The Security of Israel”: Fifth ‘Nuclear-Capable’ Submarine, Cruise Missiles with Nuclear Warheads, “Deterrent against Iran” By RT, September 03, 2015
First Japanese Geological Earthquake Report
Grassroots Fascism: The War Experience of the Japanese People By Yoshimi Yoshiaki, September 03, 2015
The World is Watching: International Scholars, Artists, and Activists Petition to Prevent a New U.S. Military Base in Okinawa By Steve Rabson, September 03, 2015
drone camera
One Day Soon, That Drone Overhead May Be Pointing a Taser at You By Marjorie Cohn, September 03, 2015
In Syria, Putin Calls Obama’s Bluff, Russia Joins War Against the “Islamic State” (ISIS) By Eric Zuesse, September 03, 2015
US and Saudi Arabia War Crimes, Indiscriminate Killing of Yemeni Civilians By William Boardman, September 03, 2015
America: The Rise Of The Inhumanes By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, September 03, 2015
ISIL invasion
Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 03, 2015
Cultural Imperialism and Perception Management: How Hollywood Hides US War Crimes By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, September 02, 2015
Washington Intends to “Use” Al Qaeda to “Take Out” Syria By Global Research News, September 02, 2015
Petraeus: Washington Should Use “Moderate” Al Qaeda Terrorists to Fight ISIS (Formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq) By Shane Harris and Nancy A. Youssef, September 02, 2015
Calls Rise for Blair to Face War Crimes Trial
Tony Blair Is Living in a State of Deluded Denial By Michael Meacher, September 02, 2015
“Forgotten Genocides” and the Alleged “Miseducation” of Hollywood Star Natalie Portman By Timothy Alexander Guzman, September 02, 2015
Russie Ukraine
Maidan 2.0: Ukraine Rightists Kill Police; Putin Blamed By Robert Parry, September 02, 2015
Sieges in an Age of Economic Austerity: The State Surveillance Costs of Monitoring Julian Assange, More than 12 Million Pounds By Binoy Kampmark, September 02, 2015
U.S. Army General Petraeus testifies about the war in Iraq during a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington
Former CIA Boss and 4-Star General David Petraeus: U.S. Should Arm Al Qaeda By Washington's Blog, September 02, 2015
Britain’s Neo-Liberal Elite: Jeremy Corbyn and Challenges to Political Power By Jonathan Cook, September 02, 2015
“Climate Change – Smoke Screen in Arctic Geopolitical Play” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 02, 2015
Russia’s Putin Drafts Bill to Dump Dollar, Euro from CIS Trade By Press TV, September 02, 2015
Stephen Harper
Canada’s Insidious Role in the US-NATO War on Libya: “Boots on the Ground” By Yves Engler, September 02, 2015
‘White Helmets’: New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists, Disguised as ‘Humanitarians’ in Syria By Vanessa Beeley, September 02, 2015
Confirmed: Washington Intends to “Use” Al Qaeda to “Take Out” Syria and Overthrow the Assad Government By Tony Cartalucci, September 02, 2015
More Signs of Global Downturn Send Stocks Plunging Again By Andre Damon, September 02, 2015
US Imperialism and the New Race to the Arctic By Clara Weiss, September 02, 2015
Return to Crisis: Things Keep Getting Worse By Mike Whitney, September 02, 2015
Whitewashing the IMF’s Destructive Role in Greece By Michael Hudson, September 02, 2015
War without Mercy on Yemen: The Saudi-US Massacres Continue By Sayed Hasan, September 02, 2015
Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"
The Truth About the Iraqi WMD and Britain’s Support for the War on Iraq By Craig Murray, September 02, 2015
Growing Doubt: a Scientist’s Experience of GMOs. “Flawed Processes of GMO Risk Assessment” By Jonathan Latham PhD, September 02, 2015
Swat officers on the scene of the shooting
U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression By Justin Gardner, September 02, 2015
Voting in Britain for war. Take your pick
Britain’s Neoliberal Farce: The Working Poor, the Massacre of the Middle Class By Graham Vanbergen, September 02, 2015
America’s Wars and The Global Crisis: Latest Articles from Global Research By Global Research News, September 01, 2015
Michigan Struggles Link Rising Racism to the Economic Crisis By Abayomi Azikiwe, September 01, 2015
Donbass region
Violence and Instability on Russia’s Border. Towards a New Proxy Regime in Kiev? By Stephen Lendman, September 01, 2015