The African American police state exercises its authority over the Black minority through an oppressive array of modern day lynchings by the police, increasing for-profit mass incarceration and the government sanctioned surveillance and assassination of Black leaders.

Agents of chaos

The conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen are all fronts in a multi-dimensional war being waged by the US and its allies. This multi-dimensional war aims to encircle Eurasia. China, Iran, and Russia are the main targets.

Global Financial Conflagration: The World of Fiat Money is Buckling under the Pressure of Unpayable Debts

Whenever any nation has an independent government not yet subjugated to transnational corporate control, there is a US-led campaign to destroy it.

british empire

With the future of the British Empire under threat from other aspiring nations, a momentous decision was taken by a group of powerful and determined men, that direct action had to be taken to assert their control, and that of the British race, over the entire civilised world.


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