Despite reports, video and photographic evidence which confirm that the Ukraine Armed Forces have been targeting civilians, UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, is emphatic: “both sides are equally to blame… and people are caught in the crossfire.”

ukraine nazi emblems

The mainstream media by denying the very existence of these crimes against humanity committed by Neo-Nazi military and paramilitary formations on the orders of the Kiev government is complicit under the Nuremberg Principles of “crimes against peace”


Regulators in Europe had known for years that glyphosate causes birth defects in the embryos of laboratory animals. The review raised questions about the role of agro-industry in rigging data pertaining to product safety and its undue influence on regulatory bodies.


Evidence that came to light after Israel removed its gag order on information regarding the June 12 murder of 3 Jewish Israeli students suggests that it could have been an Israeli government operation that was intentionally used to punish Hamas & break up the new Palestinian unity government.

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