The OSCE confirms the existence of “machine gun like holes”, without acknowledging that these cannot be caused by a missile. Were these small holes caused by a GSh-302 firing gun (rpm 3000) operated by an Su-25.

Malaysia MH17

A typical SU 25 jet is equipped with a double-barreled 30-mm gun, a 250 round magazine of anti-tank & splinter-explosive shells. The MH17 cockpit was fired at from both sides: entry & exit holes are found on the same fragment of it’s cockpit segment

Church destroyed

Historically, the Levant is the birthplace of Christianity and the oldest Christian communities have lived in it and the entire Fertile Crescent since the start of Christian history.


Chaos reigns and spreads as enraged leaders in the US, Europe and their clients and allies pursue genocidal wars. Mercenary wars in Syria; Israel’s terror bombing on Gaza; proxy wars in the Ukraine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia.

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